Lula Landry was a supermodel. Adopted at the age of four by Sir Alec and Lady Yvette Bristow, she grew up in relative luxury. After becoming an international supermodel, Lula began to look into her biological family and discovered that while her father was dead, she had a half-brother, Jonah Agyeman. Her search for her biological family angered her adopted brother, John Bristow, and he killed her.


Lula Landry was born Lula Higson to Marlene Higson, a prostitute who worked out of her North London flat. Marlene's neighbours were sure that Marlene did not know who Lula's real father was, given that she entertained a lot of men during her career. Lula was taken into the care of Social Services after concerned residents raised the alarm that Lula was being left outside the flat on her own, crying and in nothing but a nappy, while her mother was with a punter.

Lula was adopted at the age of 4 by Sir Alec and Lady Yvette Bristow, relocating to South London, where she became Lula Bristow. At the age of 16, she was discovered by Alanah Model Agency while shopping on Oxford Street. She used her adopted mother's maiden name for her professional career, becoming Lula Landry. She was given the nickname "cuckoo" by fashion designed Guy Somé, and became best friends with fellow model Ciara Porter.

Lula had a history of mental health problems, and met Rochelle Onifade in a psychiatric hospital. Rochelle was living in hostels, but would often join Lula for shopping trips.

Lula lived in the penthouse of 18 Kentigern Gardens in Mayfair. On occasions, she would instruct the concierge, Derrick Wilson, not to let up her boyfriend Evan Duffield, or her uncle Tony.

On the day of her death, Lula visited Vashti on Conduit Street where she met Rochelle. They were driven back to 18 Kentigern Gardens by Nico Kolovas-Jones, and they talked about a piece of paper that was going to piss people off. She also met with her brother, John to talk about contracts.

On the night of her death, Lula left a party that was also attended by Guy, Ciara, and Evan. She left the party alone, and was driven back to Kentigern Gardens. Arriving home, Lula spent some time deciding what to wear to meet her half-brother, settling on a comfortable outfit rather than anything fashionable.

Lula's body was first reached by Derrick after Tansy Bestigui saw her body fall past her window. The official police inquest deemed the death a case of suicide. John Bristow was not convinced, citing an upcoming photo shoot in Morocco that she was excited about, and believed she was murdered. He hired Cormoran Strike to investigate the case.

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