Robin Ellacott is one of the lead characters of Strike. She meets Cormoran Strike when she is sent to work for him as a temporary secretary – which Strike is sure he actually cancelled.

Enthusiastic, lovely, and compassionate, Robin helps Strike solve his cases while at the same time begins to uncover his dark past. She is engaged to be married to Matthew Cunliffe.


Robin Ellacott was from Yorkshire. She originally attended university, but dropped out. She moved to London and became engaged to Matthew Cunliffe. Finding work with a temp agency, Robin was assigned to work at the offices of Cormoran Strike, a private investigator based at an office in Denmark Street. Upon arrival, she found him arguing with a woman, who then stormed past her on the stairs. As Robin was about to knock on the door, Cormoran exited the office chasing after the woman but knocked into her. Robin went stumbling backwards and lost her footing on the stairs; Cormoran managed to grab her in time and stop her falling.

Taking Robin into his offices, Cormoran apologised before asking her how he could help her. She introduced herself as his new temp from the agency; Cormoran was sure that he had cancelled his contract with the agency. However, due to the agency's strict refund policy, he accepted her for the week. Removing the bedding from the office couch, he set Robin to work generally tidying up the office.

When Cormoran was hired by John Bristow to look into the death of Lula Landry, he set Robing the task of looking up the law firm Landry, May and Patterson and printing out their partner biographies, as well as finding out any information on Lula Landry's family background. At the same time, she researched her new boss and discovered he is the son of Jonny Rokeby.

Robin's diligent work in finding information on the main players involved in the case led Cormoran to take her with him when he investigated Lula's penthouse at 18 Kentigern Gardens. Cormoran also had her pretend to be Rochelle Onifade on the telephone in order to find out her current address. At the end of the week, Robin and Cormoran agreed for her to return next week on her own accord, cutting out the temp agency.

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