Rochelle Onifade was Lula Landry's friend.


Rochelle met Lula Landry in a psychiatric hospital, and the two became friends. People warned Lula that Rochelle was only after her money, but Lula did not believe that. Lula called Rochelle her "Little Rock," and mentioned that Rochelle knew more about her than anyone else. On the day of Lula's death, Rochelle met her in Vashti on Conduit Street. On their way to 18 Kentigern Gardens, they talked about a piece of paper that was going to piss people off.

Rochelle lived in a hostel on Hallum Street, but was asked to leave. Cormoran Strike arranged for one of her friends, Carianne, to arrange a meeting between them, claiming he was a friend of Lula's. When Rochelle arrived at the cafe, she knew that Cormoran was not a friend of Lula's and bolted. Because of his prosthetic leg, he was not able to give chase.

Having obtained personal information about her, Cormoran had his secretary, Robin Ellacott, pretend to be her on the phone to learn her current address. When he arrived at her flat, he found Rochelle drowned in a bathtub full of hot water.

Behind the scenesEdit

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