Strike - The Cuckoo's Calling: Episode Three is the third episode of Strike.


Robin Ellacott obtains some key information from a boutique salesgirl that Lula Landry visited before her death. Strike makes a breakthrough with the CCTV footage, noting a man left Lula's apartment while wearing a Guy Somé hoodie. Robin investigates Kentigern Gardens and finds a SOAS library card. Robin has found a love for the job, although her fiancé believes she should quit.

Strike questions John Bristow on Lula's attempts to trace her biological family. John points out that he and his family – Yvette Bristow and Tony Landry – all have an alibi.

Robin discovers Lula's biological brother, Jonah. He reveals he was due to meet her on the day she died and that she also made a will leaving him everything. Strike's investigations destroy Tony's alibi, and he finds Lula's will.



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