Strike - The Cuckoo's Calling: Episode Two is the second episode of Strike. It aired on Monday 28 August at 9.00pm.


Cormoran Strike tells the police to further investigate the circumstances surrounding Rochelle Onifade but is dismissed. Continuing his investigation into the death of Lula Landry, he meets with the fashion designer Guy Somé and model Ciara Porter. They inform him that Lula was looking to connected with her biological family.

Robin Ellacott learns more about Strike's past when his half-sister Lucy arrives at his office.

Strike meets with Lady Yvette Bristow, Lula's elderly adoptive mother. He finds out that her and John Bristow were watching a film at the time. John insists that Strike focus on CCTV footage, and disregard Tansy Bestigui's testimony.

Strike once more meets with Ciara Porter and seemingly volatile Evan Duffield. Ciara takes Strike back to her home and reveals a concealed compartment in her handbag. During the meeting, Ciara seduces him.

Returning to Lula's Mayfair apartment, Strike talks to Tansy and Derrick Wilson, and finds a major piece of new information. However, his victory is short-lived when learns his ex-fiancé, Charlotte Campbell, is now engaged to another man.



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