Tansy Bestigui lives in the first floor flat of 18 Kentigern Gardens with her husband, Freddie.


On the night of Lula Landry's death, Tansy ran screaming to concierge Derrick Wilson and told him that someone had fallen past her flat, and that she had heard arguing from the flat. Derrick immediately went up to Lula's flat.

However, by the time she made her official statement, Tansy did not mention the argument she heard. Detective Inspector Eric Wardle was of the belief that her perceptions had been addled due to her being a cocaine user.

During Cormoran Strike's investigation into Lula's death, he met Tansy in the swimming pool of 18 Kentigern Gardens. He started to question her, but she brushed him off saying it was an inappropriate place for such a conversation. Cormoran asked Tansy to call him and arrange a meeting.

Tansy arranged to meet Cormoran at Smith & Wollensky at Charing Cross, but did not turn up for the meeting. She sent her lawyer, and Lula Landry's uncle, Tony Landry in her stead. Tony warned Cormoran to stay away from the Bestiguis.

Behind the scenesEdit