Tony Landry is Lady Yvette Bristow's brother, and the uncle of John Bristow and Lula Landry.


Tony Landry is the brother of Lady Yvette Bristow, and a partner in the law firm Landry, May and Patterson. He handles all legal matters for his family, and also represents Freddie and Tansy Bestigui. When private investigator Cormoran Strike was hired to look into Lula Landry's death, he wanted to question Tansy Bestigui. She arranged to meet him at Smith & Wollensky in Charing Cross, but sent Tony Landry in her place.

Tony met Cormoran in Tansy's place. While he believed that his nephew John was delusional in hiring Cormoran in the first place, he warned him not to take advantage of his nephew and to stay away from the Bestuguis.

Behind the scenesEdit